Sam Li

Front End Developer

Phil 2:3

“Admit constraints; then, having admitted, fill with discovery.” –Anthony Fortaug

Inspiration comes from research. Preparation guides creativity. Designing well means knowing what problems need to be solved and revisiting objectives. Below are examples of my work with the majority of the tools used being: Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.

Martin Guitar Mockup

Martin   Guitar

Website mock-up
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Microsoft Surface Tradeshow Banners

Surface  Pro

Microsoft tradeshow banner adhering to styleguide.
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CD Cover

CD   Cover

Portfolio photo editted and desgined for CD cover
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District Booklet

Milton   Glaser

Booklet and layout focused on a great designer
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Goalie Mask Kings

Mask   Art

Goalie mask for Yutaka Fukufuji on the LA Kings

Goalie Mask Condors

Samurai   Mask

Second mask for Yutaka Fukufuji with the Condors

Northsea Jazz Subway Ad

Jazz   Subway   Ad

Northsea Jazz subway ad designed with specifications

Northsea Jazz Bus Ad

Bus Shelter  Ad

Northsea Jazz bus shelter ad paired with subway ad

Northsea Jazz Brochure Cover

Brochure   Cover

North Sea Jazz Brochure cover

Northsea Jazz Brochure Cover

Brochure   Inside

North Sea Jazz Brochure inside


Digital   Coloring

Coloring and Inking done with gradient meshes
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District Booklet

The   district

Combining layout, design and photography.
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Coder that learns quick.

Songbook example app

Our last project for the past semester was to create a working application with real authentication and user login. We hooked up Firebase with Angular.js to create a working sign-up and sign-in application with real authentication and three-way data binding.

The idea behind this simple app is to be able to share chord sheets with your friends and collobarate in writing music.

Uses Bootstrap for frontend, Firebase for the backend, and Angular.js to tie it all together.

Check it out!

Database Interaction

User Authentication


Styleguide Revamp

I was the key implementer and contributor within a small project team, brought together to migrate and enhance an existing pattern library to a more robust, easy to manage system based on Fabricator (a node.js based framework) ran using HTML5, as well as prescribe a process and train team members on how to contribute to it.

Key contributions:

  Created search functionality with jQuery

  Applied company's branding using CSS/SASS

  Maintained cross-browser compatibility with IE8 and on

Led deep dive sessions to train others to contribute with Fabricator

Git for project control

SASS integration


Team training


Markham, Ontario

Samuel Li